Laboratory Power Amplifier

GP75 high voltage, high current amplifier

Stable with all capacitive and resistive loads

The GP75 model specifications.
Output voltage range -75Volt to +75Volt.
Rise/fall time is 1uS for a 150V step (150 V/uS).
The max. output current is 4A continuous, 20A peak.
Full power bandwidth to 300KHz
Great for driving high capacitive loads.
Amplifier protected against over temperature.
Amplifier protected against output short circuit and reverse load dump.
Monitor outputs for output current and output voltage on the front panel.
Front panel gain selector for gains of 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X.
Front panel switch selector for AC input coupling or DC input coupling.
Input impedance 100K Ohm. AC cutoff 1.6Hz with AC input coupling.
Front panel indicators show power, overload and over-temperature.
Line power 110V or 220V nominal, with rear panel selector switch.

gp75 front panel

Dimensions of the GP75 is 17"wide, 3.5" high and 10" deep.
Rack mount adapter available.
There is a 7 LED bar graph display of the output voltage.


We try to make these amplifiers rugged and indestructible.

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